Evil Blob Monster

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What's The Story
Brainstormed by Josh (7) and Dad

Evil Blob Monster has spawned a zombie to hunt you.

The zombie loses his mind (and other body parts) when spelling out the passphrase to his bitcoin wallet.

The zombie wrote his wallet passphrase on a flaming sword. Capture it!

The game is not hard but you must play smart.

Correct letters succeed in capturing a zombie body part.

Wrong letters result in a zombie body part regenerating.

Completed passphrase segments give you extra health.

Capture all zombies body parts to take the flaming sword.

Recover his bitcoin wallet and retrieve 100 SATOSHIS.

How To Play

Guess letters to spell out the passphrase segment.

Choose a letter.

Choose a weapon (multiplier).

Each correct letter captures a zombie body part.

Each wrong letter results in a body part respawning.

Each letter has a cost

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Figure out the passphrase

About this game

I'm Josh. I am seven. I made this game with my dad. I made the drawings and thought of the story. I hope you like it.

Parental note

This game depicts a cartoon zombie with missing limbs. It's a fun word game in similar style to hang man. 'PG' rated.
Gameplay requires payment with Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. Funds hold real value. Please use caution.